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  •  When we moved into (10+ / 0-)

    Our current home, the sellers had replaced every single lightbulb with cfl's.

    I didn't realize (my husband had been made aware of this as a selling point apparently) it until the night we moved in and I started getting panicky and sick. Frantic.

    We replaced a couple with normal bulbs, and all was good.
    We use 25w mostly anyway, and are fanatical about turning lights off. The rest of the house is now pretty much the old kind.

    With all the other changes we have made here over the last couple years, the hydro bill has gone down by about 45%. So, I guess we could save more, but this is the ticket for me.
    The LED's are getting better I have read. We shall see at some point.

    No one believes me either btw. Until I start puking.
    I look like a dead person under florescent light.

    I also do not have my pic taken with flashbulbs, have missed a lot of my kids school plays because of camera happy parents, do not attend movies in a dark theater and find that if I encounter cop cars at night with their lights flashing, I will be sick in bed with a pukey migraine.  

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