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    I might be that family.  The fact is, I REQUIRE LIGHT.  LOTS of light.  Obviously, the amount of light that I require not to drift into fuzzy-headed, frustrated somnolence is considered self-indulgent and environment-hating by Some People.  So let me just explain the facts:

    1) I am a Druid.  I worship the Earth and the trees.  I keep an organic garden and even though I love to eat meat, I rarely do so.  I keep my thermostat turned to 65 in the Ohio winter, close off rooms of the house I'm not using, and wash all my dishes by hand.  I drive as fuel-efficient a car as I can afford, and try to avoid driving whenever I can practically walk or take public transport.  

    2) Admittedly that isn't often because I also need to live outside of cities.  The noise level and number of people in a city trigger my autistic-spectrum anxieties and put me into a near-panic state of constant arousal.

    3)  I discovered about thirty years ago that I am absurdly sensitive to light.  I go through Seasonal Affective mood swings that can put me on the brink of suicide.  Under less extreme circumstances,  limited light simply causes me to "shut down".  I can't think straight.  I can't seem to wake up, or if I started out awake and walked into a dimly-lit room, I get cranky and frustrated.  I can't SEE anything.

    I discovered when CFCs came out that they could be used to "juice" the ability of standard lighting fixtures to provide sufficient light for me to function.  A CFC that provides the light of an old 100W bulb uses only 24 watts.  A 42 W CFC can provide what used to be 150W worth of light.  Or roughly.  A 1985 100W would provide 1800 lumens; the best current replacements provide 1600.  But you can take a fixture that was meant to hold 4 60W 960lumen bulbs and fill it with 4 24-W replacements for over 6000 lumens and it REALLY helps with my problem without overloading the fixture or the wiring.

    So my lights are on high, all day, every day.  And many of them are still the old 100W bulbs, where that's the only thing that will give the right amount and spectrum (also very important) of light.  Because light is LIFE for me, and I can manage more easily without food.

    Now, why don't you go bother the people who leave that damned porchlight on ALL BLOODY NIGHT LONG, so that their neighbors can't sleep?

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