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    I think I would have taken a friendlier tone.   "Hi, I am a neighbor who drives by your house to and from my various errands, and I can't help but notice your garage lights are on at least 10 hours a day and I was concerned you weren't aware of this.

    After all, electricity is money and no one wants to waste it!  

    (Watts x hours used)/1000 = kWh, which is how your consumption is measured.  So 500 watts of lights x 300 hours a month/1000 = 150 kWh per month, which is 1800 per year! At current rates, thats $180.

    Just thought I'd let you know.  Hope you have a pleasant evening."

    As far as the conservation angle, that gets much more complicated.  Electricity isn't like water or natural gas, where reductions at home directly translates to conservation at the source.  Electricity is not stored, and they need to circulate enough to accommodate expected demand, so a certain amount of unused consumption is wasted.

    Over time, energy patterns for sections of the grid definitely impact generation, but the flip side is the power plant doesn't say "Quick, the Smiths just turned off 5 lights! Decrease output!"  It does matter, but not the same way as, say, turning down your gas heat does.

    By the way, big energy saver: hang your clothes on the line.

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