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View Diary: President Obama Honors Rosa Parks - Offended Conservatives Fume (206 comments)

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  •  I know some of what they see is cogitive error (11+ / 0-)

    Some of what some of them see, the part that isn't racist, is a mistaken understan

    Obama is very self concious of his place in history as the first Black President. I don't think he is more self absorbed than any other President but that he is aware that he plays that "addtional role".

    Occasionally he does seem to insert himself (well, the first Black President) into the narrative of the occasion. If people dislike him already, I can see why they'd see this as hubris or it'd land on them that way.

    Funniest thing go is that there is something tied to racism or race bias or at least ingnorance that does not let them feel comfortable with him acknowledging where in Black history the first Black President falls (ie HIMSELF). They think anything is racial bias IF YOU POINT OUT differences. Obama drawing attention to his place in history irritates them becasue they mistakenly think it should be irrelevant, we are "post racial" (not) after all, or that it doesn't matter that he is Black. Obama is right in these instances and they are wrong.

    The most troubling thing about their interaction to THIS one instance is that OBAMA IS NOT DOING THAT HERE. From at least the info above he responded the same as ANY PRESIDENT (including White ones) would. HE did NOT insert "himself" (ie first Black President). For them it was enough apparently that he Sat There as his Black Self for them to say he inserted himself into the narrative. REad what he said...he didn't!

    They are just not comfortable with a Black President. They vacillate between being hyper aware of his race and pissed off if he points it out at all or if his race becomes an issue. He just breathed the air in that bus and, being his Black self, it was too much for them. HE was making it about himself being Black. Lol

    what unaware assholes they are of their own processes.

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