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View Diary: Corporations get billions from cities and states but they often don't keep their end of the bargain (135 comments)

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  •  Or, if you give them any kind of tax break (0+ / 0-)

    It's contingent on the locality having higher tax revenue.

    Give them a year to get started, and after that if there's no increase in tax revenue, they no longer get a tax break.

    No company is going to move somewhere, spend all that money, for a year. Unless they were going to do it anyway.

    And no incentives. I understand improving infrastructure, but that often improves things for everybody. EXCEPT where the infrastructure is specific for that industry, I don't mind those types of upgrades.

    But no incentive for a sports stadium, or anything that's specifically for THAT industry. If it's something that improves infrastructure for everybody (electrical grid upgrades, water/sewer upgrades, better roads, etc.) that's OK. But not things that are only useful if that particular company stays around.

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