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View Diary: Corporations get billions from cities and states but they often don't keep their end of the bargain (135 comments)

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  •  The answer to your question is Good Jobs First (1+ / 0-)
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    Good Jobs First provided most of the material for her database. Their database covers 247,000 deals versus the Times' 150,000. It has been reporting on this since 1998 and its founder, Greg LeRoy, has been doing it even longer.

    Good Jobs First also grades all the states on what they require of subsidy recipients, and on how well they enforce those performance requirements.

    Every page of the Times' database links to the Good Jobs First database.

    Being in the Times elevates the visibility of the issue, which is tremendously important. I hope Story wins a Pulitzer for this. That would make the issue even more visible.

    But for the theory, you should consult Tim Bartik's Who Benefits from State and Local Economic Development Policies, Alan Peters and Peter Fisher's Industrial Incentives, and my book Competing for Capital: Europe and North America in a Global Era.

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