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View Diary: New Corrosion Research Shows Accelerated Failure At Fukushima Daiichi (33 comments)

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    It was in the 80's and 90's that we recognized that a massive increase of nuclear power was needed to avoid the C02 levels and climate change we see today.  The effort was needed 20-30 years ago.  But it was decided that coal and cliamte change were better options than that "nasty dirty" nuclear power.  So are you happy with where the status quo took us?

    Chernobyl was a terrible reactor design that never should have been built, and wasn't built in the US.  Blame communism for that if you like.

    Fukushima was also an old reactor design that should have been retired and replaced with a better one.  The spent fuel should have been recycled.  At a minimum, it should have been moved to safe storage.

    But those like you got everything they wanted from nuclear power.  Like conservatives who design government to fail and oppose all solutions, so the anti-nuclear people opposed all progress and innovation.  Opposed all waste storage.

    And so we got Fukushima.  The logical result of denying that progress is possible and that the system is doomed to fail.  So, surprise, in 2011 a 1950s design failed and spent fuel that was never moved is now a major mess.

    Congratulations, you win.  Enjoy the climate change.

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