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View Diary: My Car Insurance Company Tried to Screw Me Post-Sandy. I Beat Them. (104 comments)

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  •  I have coverage via state AAA (2+ / 0-)
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    Used to be called CSAA (California State Auto Association, now called AAA of Northern California, Nevada and Utah).  I've had several claims and they've been very reasonable to deal with.  This includes two totaled vehicles.  In both cases I was not at fault.

    In the first one, they wanted to total my beloved Acura Legend, which I wanted to keep because it was a "luxury" sedan with a stick shift.  The newer replacement sedans no longer had that option.  They agreed since their calculations were on the borderline of totaling the vehicle that I could have it repaired.

    The second total was no question.  The vehicle was worth $3000 less than the repairs would run.  I got a check very quickly.  

    I was also happy with the collision repair shop they had recommended, and used them for smaller accidents that were covered, some of which were my fault.

    I guess AAA is a "mutual" type insurance as it gives rebates based on their profits.  price keeps going up, though.  I haven't shopped for like coverage elsewhere because I've been so happy with their claims service.

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