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View Diary: WND columnist calls for formation of secessionist movement (184 comments)

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  •  I'm not against secession (2+ / 0-)
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    Catesby, roadbear

    I think it could be done in perfect accordance with the Constitution. If a case can be made good enough to convince the legislatures of the states involved, and a majority of the US Congress, then it could be accomplished. I have some doubts as to whether this will ever happen, but it could.

    As many have pointed out, a case can be made for various splits of the country. What I think would be required in order to make it actually happen would be some kind of overall plan that would have real benefits for the majority of current Americans of splitting things up. This current movement is too focused on the needs of a few crybabies, with no concern for the general welfare of Americans, so it will fail. But if anyone serious actually made a well-thought-out, creative plan to create multiple nations from the remains of this one, it might happen, someday. Depending on the details, I might even be in favor of it.

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