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View Diary: Republicans would prefer that the economy contract than let Obama spend a few bucks on stimulus (44 comments)

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  •  Perfect title to this post and says what I finally (3+ / 0-)
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    ..figured out (sort of) through the process of elimination.
    The GOP has pulled the pin and is holding hostage the entire economy - 'If we go down you all go down too.'

    Republicans would prefer that the economy contract than let Obama spend a few bucks on stimulus
    I've been wondering what would a republican consider their best political move
     • GOP agrees to some negotiation, like voting "present" for 250k below tax cuts  and nothing else) or
     •  continuing to obstruct through 2012 into 2013 and beyond, taking the blame

    My opinion only: The GOP will trade on peoples desire to stop the punishment and hope of less economic suffering - for votes:

    It seems McConnell knows that either way they will take the blame so has decided that for 2014 there best poiitical/partisan move is exactly the same as it has been for 4 years. Work in every way they can to obstruct and sabotage every and anything  in hopes of tanking the economy.

    That's it. The GOP hope once again that by causing enough suffering that people, even if they hate the republicans for it, even if people know that republicans do not have their interests at heart want the torture that the republicans are putting on this country to stop.

    And the republicans have made it clear. They will do anything including economic torture to gain power.

    The GOP is counting on people that are out of work and suffering to give in not out of weakness imo, but because these out of work people will figure the only way to stop the devastation planned and carried out for the past 4 years by the republicans, is to let republicans trade their latest hostage for electoral wins in 2014

    GOP convincing people that maybe if they let the GOP have their way they''ll be nicer when they are in power (?)

    This is depraved behavior and it will not work.
    Now if we could get Merkley's filbuster reform as a start but more importantly SCRAP the super majority requirement for all but Article 5 constitutional stuvff like treaties, POTUS impeachment etc.

    And hold strong Dems. Don't give an inch. In fact next round of negotiations raise the tax from Clinton 39.6% three points to 42.6% - repeat when necessary. Also UI extensions, executive control on debt ceiling (or elimination altogether) and all of the posted ideas too.

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