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View Diary: To understand the courage of Bob Costas, recall that Mark Kelly said almost the same thing (123 comments)

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    Why waste time writing a diary complaining about that and just cut to meat of the matter?

    The pattern is typical.  There will be one or two outrage diaries; one more concerned with reporting the facts and avoiding what you all call "pie fights" around here.  The other is usually the launching point for the "why can't we have this conversation."  This is followed by a few more diaries over the next couple of days denouncing gun rights activists for not being reasonable, not being conversational, not being manly, or whatever you find irksome about such people.  The exception is the occasional RKBA diary, which more often has to do with the actual sport and practice of handling firearms.  In which case we get to run through the whole show in the comments.

    At least IP diaries have the benefit of new and interesting developments.  How many times do we need to hear about how horrible you think it is that people get shot in the world?

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