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  •  It's unbelievable that HG is still trivialized (10+ / 0-)

    I had my children 30 years ago, and while I had very little morning sickness, I had several friends who were deathly ill for their entire pregnancies.
    All but one of them were told by their physicians that the problem was largely psychological. Unfortunately, even "Our Bodies, Ourselves"--which was otherwise a ground-breaking guide to female health and the reference many of us used when we suspected we weren't getting the straight scoop from our doctors-- expressed the same opinion. It claimed that morning sickness was a psychological problem of Western caucasian women who feared the natural processes of pregnancy and childbirth. Most of my afflicted friends, however, were non-Western and non-caucasian (I was living in Asia at the time). These women suffered in silence after initially bringing attention to their problems because their physicians didn't concern themselves with this "natural process."
    Thanks for bringing HG to the attention of young women and those who may have to advocate for them.
    And congratulations for the safe delivery of your absolutely gorgeous grandchild. He is a pearl of great price.

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