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View Diary: What are you buying the 1% for Cliffsmas? (39 comments)

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    While he is out there telling everyone that he only wants the rich to pay more of their fair share and this is all about getting tax increases, we have this:

    All of the proposals that Mr. Obama has been working with, from the Bowles-Simpson proposal to the Super Congress proposals to the "Grand Bargain" under the terms Mr. Obama was negotiating with John Boehner and Congressional Republicans will increase income inequality by shifting costs away from the 1% and onto the 99%.
    Income inequality is wildly out of control under this president.  And look at the gap here between the corporate profits and the wages.  War spending is obscene and they can't even account for where the trillions go and consistently fail audits.  The Fed is still bailing out the banks and buying toxic assets four years after they crashed the economy with their massive fraud.  And none of the bankster CEOs are in jail. In fact one of the biggest ones was at the White House last week giving his advice on how to screw over the middle class.  And he was invited there.  


    And here we are ready to give the 1% a huge, wet dream gift for Cliffsmas, something that conservatives have been trying to do for decades and something no Republican president could ever do, but this president is willing to do it.  

    We give them gifts every single day of our lives.  But this Christmas will certainly be more special than all the rest.  

    Meanwhile the Dems are out there telling people how they are standing up for the middle class.  

    "Justice is a commodity"

    by joanneleon on Wed Dec 05, 2012 at 06:17:15 AM PST

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