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  •  Haha, touche... (2+ / 0-)
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    lotlizard, mythatsme

    though I was talking about geological/geographical differences as excuses.  :)

    There are a number of places in Chicago where I can drive down the street 1-2 miles and see organizations or businesses from a dozen different ethnic groups.
    And there are places I can drive to in Iceland where the predominant language people talk with each other is Polish.
    I'm not talking about a handful of northern European groups either.
    Filipinos are northern Europeans?
    .  I'm talking about places like the the various Assyrian organizations.
    And I've met Masai tribesmen who live here.  Plural.
    So, yes, to me Iceland is quite homogeneous.  
    You know, it's actually a bit insulting to have people who've never been here tell me how "homogenous" my country is.
    My wife and I both work so we eat out 3 times per month.  The fish head curry, japanese miso soup or tom ka kai I get at my local Malaysian, Japanese and Thai restaurants are top quality and authentic asian (not americanized).  Plus I've got two outstanding Mexican restaurants so my enchiladas are only 2 blocks away.  ;-)
    Oh wow, because we certainly don't have Thai here.  Nothing like Naree Thai, Thai Reykjavík, Take-Away Thai Grill, ENana thai thailenskur veitinga og matvörustaður, Thai-camp, Mai Thai, Thai matstofan, Ban Thai tælenskt veitingahús, Khiem Thien Nguyen Thai, Thai Ðinh Hoang, LNguyen Xuan Thai , Austurlenskur veitingastaður Nana-thai, Krua Thai, Perla Thoa Kim Phu Thai, and Sælkera veitingar og thai matvara, just from a quick search of a small chunk of Reykjavík.

    Want me to do the same for Malaysian and Japanese restaurants?

    No, I'm sorry, clearly Iceland is some homogonous Aryan country and only you live in a diverse place.  Even though you've never been to Iceland and I've been to Chicago more times than I could count.  You know, that's such a damned annoying American attitude that I'm so glad to get away from.

    I'm sorry, but I don't want to respond to any more of this, your post really bugged me.

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