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View Diary: Man with 51 IQ held for 30 years without proper trial (79 comments)

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    Since the new trial should have been held almost 30 years ago, the people who forgot to re-try this prisoner are probably long gone from their positions.

    Also, what happened to whomever won the inmates appeal?  You'd expect that lawyer to follow up.  Likely they were a PD and moved to another job or died or something.

    One of the prices of cutting government pay and term limits is the loss of institutional memory.  I'd guess something like that happened here.

    Once this prisoner's file got lost, it was forgotten.   With a 51 IQ, this guy had no ability to push the matter.

    If this was a case where the defendant had a 51 IQ and is up  against an overly zealous prosecutor, innocent or not, the defendants chances are between very, very slim and none.   Note I mention "overly zealous" and I don't have a clue what happened in the underlying case.  Its rare though for criminal convictions to be overturned.  They are almost always upheld on appeal.

    Also, while this travesty seems pretty bad, don't pass judgment on a system resolving thousands of cases based on the outcome of just one case.

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