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View Diary: UPDATED: My beloved Oscar Meyer has gone to the Rainbow Bridge (138 comments)

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  •  Deep commiseration (11+ / 0-)

    Oscar sounds so like our Luc. Another rescue doxie. We got him and his "sister" after they'd been dumped at the pound and were rescued by a doxie group in SoCal. They were probably 3 or 4 at the time and weighed only 7 lbs each. For tweenies who should be 15 or so lbs, they were the skinniest dogs I'd ever seen in real like.

    Luc is also a cuddlebug with that anteater tongue. Watch out -- he'll get ya! Same cast iron tummy. Same persistence and his hunting instincts are so strong. No critter is safe when Luc's around.

    But it's remembering what they were like when we first got them that gets to me. Luc wouldn't completely roll on his back for months after we got him. I want to torture whoever it was that tortured these sweeties over and over.

    P.S. Just re-watched the original "The Women" the other night. Watch the first scene carefully. As the rich woman drops off her terrier, the attendant is crouched down talking to a doxie who's rolled over on her back. Looks just like our Shanni (Luc's sis).

    •  Latte also has that anteater tongue... (10+ / 0-)

      but her's is even longer, if that's possible. She's not a hunter the way Oscar was (loved to show off his lizard kills).  She can, however, burrow like no animal I've ever seen, and she can cocoon herself in a blanket or towel like a freaking magician.

      She was ok when we got her thankfully. She was full of personality then (she likes to talk to me) and is very spry and energetic.

      Oh, I just remembered - one time when Oscar (who was still a solo dog in our home) wanted a drink of water but there was no more water in his bowl, he stood in the kitchen and did this 1/2 bark, 1/2 whine thing he did.  I kept going in there and couldn't figure out what he wanted, and then going back to the couch.  Finally, he started pushing the water bowl around the tile floor with his muzzle to say "HERE STUPID!!! I'M THIRSTY AND THERE'S NO MORE WATER IN MY BOWL AND I CAN'T REACH THE TOILET!!!"

      Smart little dog he.

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