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View Diary: Indentured Servitude Right Now in North Carolina (117 comments)

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  •  So very common in my red state domicile. (9+ / 0-)

    This is the very same process that the
    champions of 'small government' use to
    disenfranchise so many poor and POC.
    It wouldn't surprise me at all to discover
    that the county makes a substantial portion
    of their yearly revenue from such inequality.

    Around here they call it 'having paper' on you.
    Can't vote. Can't get a decent job. If you miss
    your court decreed payment - violated.
    Back to jail. Most jails charge those who are
    incarcerated 'fees' not related to their actual
    crimes. Most of which goes right onto your account.

    Miss a scheduled probation meeting, a piss test,
    a counseling session, anything, all of which you are
    also expected to pay for - violated. Back to jail.
    More court costs, fines and fees. More probation
    time added onto what you already have. Rinse and repeat.

    I know several men who have been trapped by
    our 'justice system' in such a way for most of
    their adult lives due to relatively minor infractions.

    I do not claim that poor people commit no crimes.
    It just appears that if you are of sufficient means,
    many of these systemic institutional shackles do
    mysteriously vanish if you can afford legal counsel.
    Or are not a person of color. I am sure most of these
    arrangements would not stand any meaningful legal
    challenges in federal courts. There seems to be little
    will, resources, or popular demand for such, though.
    And a small few benefit greatly, as they always have.

    Thanks for all of your efforts.

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