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View Diary: Backlash stops Olive Garden and Red Lobster from cutting worker hours to avoid Obamacare (98 comments)

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    I worked more than my fair share of minimum wage, part-time work in my teens and through college.  While my experience was mostly positive (because of people/friends I worked with) I think there are millions of others who would be shocked if they knew that big businesses and corporate food chains really don't care about the customers at all.  They see customers as a necessary evil for them to make money.  I've seen many choices made by managers or owners (or corporate head office) that they knew would anger and alienate customers but they did it anyway because it would make more profit.  

    Without such a massive backlash against Olive Garden and Red Lobster, the companies would GLADLY sacrifice the quality of service to further enrich themselves.  If customers complained,

    They do this because in most cases, they know branding and advertising will help people forget.  People want fast food or whatever and will continue buying it no matter how often the business screws them or how poor service is. They know that people will just get used to a certain lower quality and eventually come back.  It's why branding is so popular.

    They also do it because in many cases they don't care about customers unless you are a certain type of customer.  They want customers who spend a lot of money but make no demands.  If they alienate customers, they don't care so long as they lose the loud vocal irregular customers but can keep the hardcore loyal customers.  Corporate HQ doesn't care if one single store loses customers if the business as a whole increases profits.  In most cases it is just the franchisee that is hurt.  Even then, many franchisee's may own more than one business anyway.  So the success of one single franchise store isn't too big a deal compared to a local entrepreneur who needs to be profitable AND keep customers extremely happy.

    This wouldn't be the case if we lived in a truly capitalist society.  Instead we live in a corporatist society and profits are the only thing that matters, even more than customer service.

    I hope this type of backlash becomes a regular thing because only once an issue is so large that it affect a corporate chains bottom line on a large scale, will they change their policies.

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