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View Diary: Backlash stops Olive Garden and Red Lobster from cutting worker hours to avoid Obamacare (98 comments)

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  •  The employer does not pay for health care. (0+ / 0-)

    The employee does.

    It works the same with FICA. My employer doesn't pay those "employer matched" contributions. I do. It comes out of my potential wages, no matter who actually writes the checks.

    The fact of the matter is, there are costs to employing someone, and a business must be able to turn a profit or else it shuts down and nobody works.

    When some costs rise, say from mandated health care coverage, other costs must be reduced. This could be hourly pay or hours worked or whatever.

    Running a business is not a charity.

    •  Costs of health care (0+ / 0-)

      I am somewhat curious as to why anyone is upset about this?

      Since the most important thing that a company can do is turn a profit, and lets say that a company takes all its full time workers and cuts them to 25 hour workers, and then hires more 25 hour workers to avoid paying for the health care costs.

      First, why would this surprise anyone that a business would consider to do this if it increases the business' profits, after all, the only reason it exists is to make a profit.

      Those people will just get their healthcare from the government when their employer stops paying it, right?

      I mean, it's not like the Democrats are helping rich people avoid paying their fair share. Someone like President Clinton would have to pardon someone like Mark Rich for not paying their taxes for that to happen, right?

      (I mean there would have to be people like former Senator Daschle and Secretary Geithner too for this not to be just a one off thing, right? Look, I am an independent, I am just saying, this is not as clear cut as people make it seem.)

      Doing this is allowed under the Obamacare health law, so companies are acting in compliance with the law if they do this. How is being a law abiding corporation unpatriotic or wrong? They did not pass the law, as a matter of fact, the restaurant associations lobbied against it. Now that it is here, they are making the best of it. Why would that surprise anyone?

      What is most interesting is that the Democrats wrote this law, how could there be any parts to the law that they are upset that people are complying with? It makes little sense. This is exactly what the Democrats wanted to happen. Remember when Polosi said we need to pass this so we can see what is in it? This was in it. I truly think this is part of what she meant.

      Moreover, why is a company making a profit a bad thing?

      I mean, if Olive Garden makes a profit and issues its stock holders a dividend, isn't that merely a reason to buy their stock and advantage yourself to make some money?

      Remember, companies and the stock market are what fund most public and private pension plans. So if we want good pensions when we retire, why would we wish to kill the profit capabilities of the very companies that are building our retirement wealth for us?

      I don't care what Olive Garden does to its low level employees, most of the people involved are just a bunch of unskilled laborers anyway. If they do not have a skilled labor job it is probably because of a lack of education and ability to work in a better position (say in executive management) due to their lack of college degree, MBA, or what have you.


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