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View Diary: Right-Wing Propaganda Masquerades as a High School Economics Curriculum (160 comments)

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  •  Are we looking at the same thing? (2+ / 0-)
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    DarkLadyNyara, happymisanthropy

    A line from the first lesson intro "Social Security and the National Debt:"

    A redistributionist Ponzi scheme that perpetuates fraud on the American public and silently ushers in a collectivist, socialist mentality
    Here's one from lesson three, "The Economics of National Security:"
    A government-provided public good or service cannot be evaluated based on its profitability, so the political process must determine how many parks to create and maintain, how clean the air should be, and how adequate the nation’s security systems are. Many believe this process is less “rational” than decisions made by the free market because there are no independent data, such as sales figures, to confirm that they are a good value and a good use of the resources they require.
    •  Are you serious? (3+ / 0-)
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      Paul Rogers, marianevans, Sparhawk

      You do realize that the Ponzi scheme quote is them introducing one view point to the debate (that some people sadly have)? You do realize that the line right above that says "A bedrock of the social contract as envisioned in the New Deal" and the last line under that "Introduction" section says "The basis of the modern social welfare state that is fundamentally sustainable and must be preserved"?

      I mean, come on.

      And what comes to your other example; you skipped the first line of that paragraph that frames what they're trying to say: "Deciding how much to spend on national defense is not easy. It is not, for example, like deciding how many cars to build if you are General Motors."

      And they're completely right. The political process making these decisions is completely different from the dynamics of the free market. And you do realize that they write "many" instead of just proclaiming it to be true and that the word rational is in quotes? There's nothing sinister about that paragraph, especially when looking it in the context of the whole curriculum which includes view points from the left and the right.

      You completely ignored the quote that said SS is "fundamentally sustainable and must be preserved" even though it was right there next to the Ponzi scheme one. Why? It is clear that these are just samples of arguments that people use when discussing SS. What you did is just intellectually dishonest or just plain ignorant, I'm sorry to say.

      I'm sure you're a lovely person but the whole diary and most of the comments are absolutely ridiculous - most people haven't checked the website and some that have (including you) misrepresent it completely. We're supposed to be a reality-based community and stuff like this, painting something to be a sinister right-wing conspiracy when it's not, is counterproductive and plain dumb. Let's be real people.

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