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View Diary: Right-Wing Propaganda Masquerades as a High School Economics Curriculum (160 comments)

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  •  The myth of capitalist efficiency. (2+ / 0-)
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    DarkLadyNyara, happymisanthropy

    Everyday scores of companies go backrupt because they ineptly handled resources, much less even marketing direction, etc.  It is a myth, more really political idealogy, that at a micro-level, or even macro level, that companies are efficient as they fail at such right rates.    In fact, if anything characterizes free markets is the high rate of failures within those markets.

    Capitalists tell themselves these delusional self serving homilies how some company found a niche or need, and gosh darn it, all was well.  It is very akin to Christians tell each others about how for example, some world famous brain surgeon was buying coffee, and decided operate for free on some poor barrista  attending the local Crazyville church. Zazem, Jesus saves the day.

    Government intrusion in many cases is necessary to fix the inefficiencies of private companies to keep entire industries from collapsing.  

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