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View Diary: Right-Wing Propaganda Masquerades as a High School Economics Curriculum (160 comments)

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  •  Indeed! Mr. Bills (2+ / 0-)
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    Dbug, dkosdan

    got the MN GOP nomination but was a thorough-going Paul-ite from the get go. With the Ron Paul wing gaining major clout in the MN Party, the party's de facto bankruptcy (and not only fiscal) and the current (Enron-relatd) head stepping down in April, odds are good they will want one of their own as chief.

    I always wanted to ask Mr. Bills: "If we go onto the gold standard and eliminate credit, when you bring your 1 ounce gold coin (worth about $1700) to the airport to buy your ticket, and you get all that silver and gold in change (which will weigh considerably more than 1 ounce), will your pockets hold out as you go through security?"

    Just wondering.


    "God has given wine to gladden the hearts of people." Psalm 104:15

    by WineRev on Thu Dec 06, 2012 at 05:08:14 PM PST

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