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  •  Agreed. My county, in rural Northwest Iowa, has no (2+ / 0-)
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    meralda, djMikulec

    town with a population higher than 4000 people. I live on the outskirts of a town of 1000.  Most folks in this farming community are decidedly rural--they farm for a living, or cater to farmers needs, for a living, or work as merchants and teachers and doctors in the very small towns that survive in large part because of agriculture...

      And, despite a strong Dutch Reformed and conservative Lutheran influence, and despite the fact Steve King does still, inexplicably, keep winning, my neighbors and fellow rural Iowans are not any "dumber" than people my daughter meets every day in Center City, Philadelphia....Less sophisticated? Yeah, but not much--not these days of a thousand channels and internet everywhere...Quieter and somewhat repressed? Yeah, it's the nature of the region. I've learned to live with it (but I still feel the need to howl at the moon, sometimes, out of sheer frustration ;-).  But their children are well educated, they perform their jobs with dedication and talent, they're literate and sensible and hard working,  and Obama only lost the county by 2% of the vote. ;-D

      (AND we were able to buy a large, 100 year old farmhouse on an acre of land in an incredibly safe neighborhood--we don't even lock our doors when running short errands; in 9 years we've had absolutely zero crime--for $72K, my husband's commute to work is only 15 minutes long, and my internet speeds are fast enough to stream Netflix. "Rural" can be just about anything you expect it to be...except stereotypical. )

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