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    I've lived in the South.  Many of the problems that beset the African-American community there are connected to the lack of opportunity.

    As I said repeatedly in this thread, I'm speaking as someone whose experience with Aboriginal people is directly related to the Cree of the B.C. interior.  

    I have repeatedly seen people being offered opportunities to improve their condition, and they repeatedly turn down those opportunities.

    Moreover, I've seen young promising aboriginal kids who WANT to succeed in university being denied support because they don't belong to the right aboriginal band.  

    If you want to call me a racist, by all means, that is your right.

    I'm simply sick of the simple explanation that outsiders are always to blame for poverty.

    Part of the aboriginal mindset seems to be "beware of white people bearing gifts."

    I want to help anyone rise up from a condition that they don't want to be in.

    You can't make people shake off poverty when they think it's all a ploy to assimilate them.

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