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  •  Daughters.. (12+ / 0-)

    Great article!

    Don't know about boys.  We got 2 girls.  Someone 'up there' has a sense of humor....we got girls.  Ours are older now -24 and 19.  We had some struggles with #1 in high school, more with who her friends were, etc...she still ended up on the Deans List and is a University of Wisconsin alumni, and even found a job in her degree!  Both of our daughters are intelligent, fun, inquisitive, and have their heads on right.  We're very proud of both of them. #2 is at The Ohio State University, and will graduate early (we think).  It's not to say that they're perfect... but as kids go, even with the fact that they're both strong willed, and whip smart, we really had a pretty easy time with them.

    We have no clue how my wife and I did this..I'm convinced that it was sheer dumb luck they're turning out to be such great people.

    We thought, watching our friends with 2 boys around the same age, difference between the kids, etc that boys would have been tougher than girls.  We still think so, even after our two girls are out, one with a real life/job, and the other one a college sophomore...

    Not completely sure about that, but, man, we blinked, and they're both out of the house and on the way!

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