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  •  Daughters; the next trap (9+ / 0-)

    The meanest person in the world is the 5th grade girl who rules.  She decides who is in or out.  It was a horror for our second daughter.  She survived, now with a PHD at 34 and her tormentors with kids in the old neighborhood.
    The main thing is to be constant with your rules, its a security thing.
    Have the best of luck and enjoy your children.

    •  Oooh, mean girls (8+ / 0-)

      Funny, I don't remember any, really. The nuns were quite strict, and my first school was all girls. I had my best friends, and the same in high school and college. I may have just ignored them or delivered a devastating enough retort that they never bothered me again. I DID think of teaching my daughter insults in Latin, but quickly changed my mind and went with the silent treatment.

      Kudos to you and your daughter :) I can see my daughter getting picked on by mean girls. She's a little softie sometimes. But, like me, she has a temper. Control of it is very important.

      I realized today that my father NEVER treated me "like a princess" (except once when he bought me a ball gown at 17) but rather spent his time toughening me up. I need to do more of that, as well. Yes. Rules are very important.

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