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    My daughter was about 11 when Christina Aguilera kissed Madonna and my daughter told me about it.

    I said "Kiss Madonna? I'd rather lick a dog's ass 'til it bleeds!"  that was actually a very good dad moment, because it told her that she couldn't paralyze me by saying something shocking.

    We also used to rough-house when she instigated it.  When I could lay my foot on her shoulder, or I left a foot print on her knee, or tossed her her head over heels using technique rather than strength, she knew she lost.  I looked at her, and she'd back up.  "What?" I'd say all innocent, and she'd say say "You're measuring the distance to kick me in the head!"  But when she was about 18 I put her in an arm bar and she whipped around and put a knot under my ear with a roundhouse.  I let her feel the knot, and gave her a pat on the back.

    It's important to join a club or have some other activity where the incentive comes from peers rather than parents.  We were in a outdoors club with other families.  She brushed some "fireweed" with her hand, which immediately produced several tiny blisters.  She looked at her hand, looked at the kids rushing off to look at the next thing they'd found, and decided this was not the time to say "I want to go home!"   I could see her decide to ignore the blisters, and she ran after the other kids.

    There’s always free cheddar in a mousetrap, baby

    by bernardpliers on Thu Dec 06, 2012 at 07:16:37 PM PST

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