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View Diary: Same-sex marriages commence in Washington state (114 comments)

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  •  finally made honest men & women out of each (1+ / 0-)
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    other, eh? well, a hearty congratulations to all. i look forward to the first gay/lesbian stand-up comic, making "marriage" jokes on comedy central. you will know then that you have "arrived".

    i am, on the one hand, very happy for all concerned. on the other, i am a bit irked that so much in the way of scarce, allocable resources have been spent, to get to a point that should have a been a non issue all along, because the constitution says so. just think how else all that money/time/effort could have been spent, and what good things could have been done instead. the opportunity costs, in this rather pointedly obvious exercise in futility for the wretched fundie right, need to be taken into account, and they need to be called to account for them, somehow.

    how many poor and destitute children will go wanting, because the money was spent on trying to keep people who love and care about each from getting married? how many abused women/children, will continue to be abused, because the money that could have gone towards shelters was, instead, spent on attempting to stop the logical progression of civilization? how many homeless will spend the night on the streets, cold and hungry, because the funds that could have fed and sheltered them was instead spent on spreading hate?

    accounts need to be squared.  these people need to be called for their acts, and publicly repudiated.

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