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View Diary: Anonymous Outs Paedophile Who Tortured Teen to Suicide (11 comments)

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  •  one phone number's enough to eliminate the tip? (3+ / 0-)
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    Dunno. Here's a quote from that article (emphasis mine):

    It’s very important to note that not all of Anonymous’s information about Kody Maxson was correct. A 404 area code phone number has been floating around that belongs to a man named Alex Ramos. After calling the number, he told me that he is NOT the same Alex Ramos who allegedly leaked autopsy photos of Amanda. He has, however, received a steady stream of death threats since his number was posted. I completely believe him, and even if it were the same Alex who leaked the photos, his phone number is being shared online as the direct line to Kody Maxson. It is also unclear as to whether Kody Maxson is a 32 year-old man, as Anonymous has claimed.

    Hopefully, the complexities of this case will help to eradicate what is clearly a highly evolved, sinister, and organized form of sexual exploitation and blackmail. After speaking with Mobina Jaffer, a senator for the Liberal Party of Canada in British Columbia, live on BBC World Service radio yesterday, I pointed out to her that the Amanda Todd case was much more than a story about the dangers of schoolyard bullying. I told her that the central issue here was a case of predators preying on vulnerable children. Her frustrating response demonstrates the Canadian government’s total lack of awareness regarding this extremely serious problem. “Of course the predator is a very big issue,” she said to me on the radio show, “but where we have been focusing is the issue of friends, cyber-bullying continuing from the school ground to the Facebook, to the Twitter, to the internet.”

    Senator Jaffer offered no plans to refine this supposed strategy in the light of recent events, or how the government can begin to combat the quickly growing and highly dynamic problem of online harassment. Clearly though, more mainstream awareness needs to be focused on this form of extortion that is designed to destroy the lives of girls like Amanda Todd.

    Sloppy research might have led to a missed phone number, but the more likely explanation, to my mind, is that this Alex Ramos convinced somebody to believe him not guilty -- and basing an indictment of the entire work of anonymous in this case on one blogger's assertion of belief in the innocence of someone spoken to on the phone is, IMO, at best optimistic.

    Phone conversations are almost as bad as online conversations for editing out -- by the very nature of the medium in use -- things like body language.

    That said, I do think something ought to be done to interfere with things like The Daily Capper's "blackmailer of the year" awards proceeding as though there's no harm done by such nastiness.

    Anybody savvy enough to "scrub" a profile before Anonymous leaked it could just as easily do so afterward; if this suspect truly is a "web site developer," no matter how poorly presented, there's enough IT savvy somewhere along the way to help clean up the tracks left behind.

    I do want there to be further scrutiny into this creep. Whether this jerk is the jerk who caused Amanda Todd to drink bleach or not, this jerk is facing charges in another incident of sexual intimidation of a minor using the internet. A pattern of behavior appears to be developing.

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    by BlackSheep1 on Thu Dec 06, 2012 at 02:46:45 PM PST

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