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View Diary: Fox News Coal "Expert" is Former Pro-Tobacco Scientist (9 comments)

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  •  Coal will never be 'clean' (0+ / 0-)

    Any time you shovel something up out of the ground, pulverize it to a fine powder, and burn it with too much air like a bonfire, it will produce harmful byproducts.  All of the toxins are in the rock surrounding the coal seam and the industry only half-heartedly attempts to remove some of the pollutants.  They simply grind it all up and blow it through the furnace and then try to catch the oxidized pollutants before they dump it into the air.
    There are methods and equipment that could be used to clean 99.6 percent of the nasties out of the coal before it's burned, but the industry is not interested.  As one plant manager told me: "I have a whole environmental department to fight that battle for me."

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