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  •  Mine comes back in a flash (3+ / 0-)
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    ornerydad, peachcreek, kyril

    if I'm around my partner's Appalachian relatives for long. I never realized how much some parts of the CA central valley drawl are exactly Appalachia until I heard them speak, and it took 5 minutes for my speech to revert. The only major difference I can find is that I don't say, like, "I'll see y'all on Toosdy."

    I like my drawl when it pops up now, but certainly didn't when I was still under the impression that it would be better to have the faux-respect that came with getting rid of it.

    Or maybe I'm just aware now that I don't have anything to lose, that's actually more likely, as I have yet to write the great American novel or whatever. :P

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