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  •  I live rural (8+ / 0-)

    At one time most of the rural people voted democrat because they were either blue collar union people or they were older and they or their parents remembered the depression and FDR.

    In fact in WV Kennedy and FDR used to be sort of demigods.

    When the democratic party began to turn from it's populist roots and embraced stuff like NAFTA, and the Gun Control stuff of the 90's a lot of rural people here figured if the gov't wasn't going to help them or save their jobs from outsourcing then they were at least going to have them leave them totally alone.

    I think with the politics that Obama has been pushing now, the more populist he has a chance of getting these people back.

    High Speed Internet would be huge here.  It would be like the rural electification project.  That's a place where gov't could really do something for people. But a HUGE amount of rural people don't have access here. I have terrible slow dialup. In fact at home I can't even view DailyKos.

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