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View Diary: From Cusco to Puno on Christmas Eve (7 comments)

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  •  Excellent post and photo set! It sounds like you (6+ / 0-)

    had a great adventure with the high and low points that make up any good epic.

    In fact your previous diaries inspired me and my partner to take a trip to South America in May of this year.  So we did Chile and went to Easter Island.  We hired a driver for one day to gives us a personal tour along the route from Santiago - Valparaíso and were on our own the rest of the time.  I even met up with a Chilean skype chat partner there, and later in the summer had the opportunity of showing him a bit of DC when he took a vacation to the US.

    Perú is a place we hope to visit one day, and I will definitely keep your posts bookmarked for reference.  (Same goes for Argentina).  One thing I gather from your experience is that I should probably avoid touring via a bus group and instead do a bit of research to identify reputable, private drivers that can show us a few of the gems a little more off the beaten path and let us take our own time exploring them.

    One question: would you recommend learning a few words of Quechua before going there?  I actually have a Quechua phrasebook but have had no reason to crack it open, and I would probably want to find someone local (or on Skype) to walk me through the basics of pronunciation.

    •  It's great that you went to Chile & Easter Island! (7+ / 0-)

      I'm so glad I inspired you to look South!

      As to learning any Quechua - there is absolutely no reason you need the language. We managed just fine. However, as with any foreign language learning, the more you do, the more nuanced your experience will be in the country where you are visiting. So you don't need Quechua to order food, to have conversations with anyone near the big cities or even with most in the countryside but if you want to have conversations with porters on the Inca Trail, older folks working in the countryside, or understand more of the mythology of the Inca through their language, then it would be worth trying. I think we may invest in a Quechua book before heading to Ecuador... then again, I may wait to find out the dialect. I bet there are as many of those in Quechua as there are in Spanish!

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