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  •  My B-52 experience (23+ / 0-)

    It was 1974.  I was flying my 7ECA Citabria from Tucson back home to Minneapolis.  I had departed Liberal, Kansas on a Special VFR clearance.  The ceiling was about 700 feet and the visibility beneath the cloud deck was unlimited.  The terrain was as flat as a pool table, and I was cruising along at around 500 feet AGL, speed about 100 mph, keeping my eyes peeled for radio towers.  Without any warning, I was passed from behind by a B-52 at my altitude.  That bomber must have been no further away than 100 yards.  The whole thing was over before I had time to be scared.  

    •  That'll put (5+ / 0-)

      some poop in your pants!!!!!!!!

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      by Nebraska68847Dem on Sun Dec 09, 2012 at 02:57:04 PM PST

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    •  did you get any jetwash, Steve15, or (2+ / 0-)
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      sawgrass727, KenBee

      turbulence as it went by?

      They used to bring the tall-tail BUFFs over my parents' farm close enough to the ground to hit with thrown rocks. For serious.

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      by BlackSheep1 on Sun Dec 09, 2012 at 05:59:54 PM PST

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      •  As a child... (5+ / 0-)

        I lived on-base at Travis AFB, which was apparently the jump-off point for B-52s going to Vietnam. Because of that gear (far, far away for the center-of-gravity because they want that area for holding lots of heavy bombs) it can't rotate to take off. (This is implicit in what Major Kong wrote, but he didn't spell it out.)

        The consequence is that they have to literally 'fly off the runway' before they can rotate to climb. Heavy, they used every inch of the 11,000' (?) runway to take off for the Orient, barely making it over a fence at the end of the runway. Some of the fighters, on the other hand, would roll down the runway a few hundred yards and it seemed like they rotated 90 degrees for climbout.

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