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  •  B-52's (4+ / 0-)

    In the mid 70's I worked at an auto dealership across the highway from Carlswell A.F.B.
    In the mornings 3 would take off accompanied by a KC-135 tanker. All at once (sequentially). The building would shake. Literally, the ground would shake. The dealership was in the flight path, and everyone knew that if an "incident" occurred, That was it.
    When the B-52's returned in the afternoon, passing low overhead, the whistle would be piercing. The shop was maybe two miles from the runway. This is a long time ago, now. I can still find yellow ear-plugs from that time in my toolbox.

    Point 2: There is a B-52 cockpit at the decommissioned Chenault A.F.B. in Illinois. This must have been one of the ones before electronics. In order to reach the actual cockpit, there were 4 levels to climb. Yes there are 8 gauges across the dash.
    Also a SR-71 Blackbird, intact.

    •  Do you mean Chanute AFB? They have a nice air (0+ / 0-)

      museum there. Mostly planes that were on display at the base when it was active. They had a B-36 and a B-58 as well. When the base closed the B-36 was moved elsewhere.

      "I see said the blind man..."

      by sscott1958 on Sun Dec 09, 2012 at 10:30:40 PM PST

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