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  •  The reason they changed it... (3+ / 0-)
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    ...was for crew coordination.

    Along the same lines, when the USAF was working on an all weather interceptor, they brought a bunch of all weather interceptor crews to try out a bunch of different aircraft; The F3D Skynight (Navy), the F-89 Scorpion Prototype, the XF-87 prototype and some others which I can't recall atm. Anyway they had them all rank their favorites in order.

    The F3D Skynight won handily. They liked it's performance, I'm guessing they meant it's stability for night flying, because it was horribly underpowered as most early jets were. They really liked it because the pilot and the RADAR Officer sat next to each other, which made crew coordination better and it had a big nose for a big RADAR antenna. They saw use in Korea by the Navy and Marines.

    The USAF thanked everyone for contributing then went on to choose the F-89 Scorpion as it's all weather interceptor.

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