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View Diary: Former Republican Governor Charlie Crist Switches Parties to Become a Democrat (197 comments)

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  •  Why 2014 is critical in Florida (Supreme Court) (1+ / 0-)

    One thing no one is talking about is the next Florida Governor will likely 4 Florida Supreme Court picks with Quince, Lewis, Pariente and Perry all hitting 70 when Judges in Florida have to retire during that term.

    Right now, the court is 5-2 to the left.

    The 2 bad judges Canady and Polston are lock step with the legislator. They even voted to allow their anti-fair districts amendment on the ballot. Those guys are right-wing hacks.

    They were Charlie Crist's picks early in his term to appease his base.

    While I condemn these and want to admit he was wrong in appointing them, when he was starting to breaking with his party, he had two more picks.

    Jorge Labarga and James Perry.

    Both judges have sided consistently with the liberal majority and Perry especially has been really good.

    These are likely the type of appointees while being younger Crist would make if selected again as he is no longer with the republican party.

    If Rick Scott wins re-election, we will get judges like Canady and Polston who will be lock step with our legislator and we need to stop this as the Florida Supreme Court is our last line of defense.

    Looking at the other candidates. Do you really want Alex Sink to run again? She did nothing to fire up the base.

    Nan Rich I am not really sure about?

    Others could run including my top choice Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer but if it's between Sink, Rich and Charlie Crist, I have to say despite all that he did in the past, I think he would be a Governor like the later part of his term and he would have my vote in the primary.

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