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  •  The 'shadow economy' (6+ / 0-)

    is in many cases the only one that allows money and talent to keep flowing to both communities and people. Hoarders like the banks or giant multinationals do not do anything for society except create useless profit on the destruction of ordinary people and  our home the earth. We are all chained to them however through either our joke of a global economy or the savvy business people who own the place our government.

    The powerful interests who our elected representatives the pols, blame for their own complicity. National interest is no longer what is good for us as a society. The common good and public interest are in direct conflict with the hoarders  who plunder for obscene destructive wealth.      

    I find the two topics stated the shadow underground economy and insane pillaging and wealth creating at all costs to both people and the earth to be intertwined. The flow of all money is being diverted to these hoarders. Governments have become simply the enforcers for the Visigoths. Seems to me that  underground or the shadows are better place to be for many of us then under the harsh light of the hoarders and their enforcers.

    Our livelihood is in the shadows. We are an independent subcontractor' or as I sometimes think, an outsource that's onshore. We still are dependent on the work that flows from the giant vampire squid's world but we're a small irrigation ditch. We have managed somehow to siphon off enough of the money still flowing to keep body and soul together. We put this money back into the community we live in.

    No hoarding for us as we have learned the hard way that cash flow is the key to making money work. We do not belong to the world of capitalization as no bank or venture vulture capitalist is interested in gambling or acquiring us. Our assets our talents, skills and wits.  There are larger big corporate companies that provide the same services we do but they are in many cases too static too cumbersome, top heavy to move the flow of information that while global or national comes from community and people.

    I find the reasons given for tracking the underground economy suspect. I have worked inside and out of the corporate world and believe me the conditions inside the beast that looks upon workers as a fluid slave labor force is way more dangerous then the environment we have created to work in. As for tax revenue from independent contractors  pay right off the top a self employment tax, not to mention both local state and national taxes and both halves of SS. 25 through 30% of our gross goes to taxes.  

    We do invest but we invest in our local economy as much as possible. I may have to work for the too big's who trickle down their miserly flow but I will continue  to contribute to the underground streams that grow the dollar leaves on my communities shady tree lined streets.

    Mulch is good if you use it to build good dirt and provide a habitat that's sustainable and grows both dollars and trees that supply much needed shade. Piles that are hauled off to create 'profit' or wealth for those who don't grow anything worthwhile is a big waste of time. It also creates a world that does not sustain life.

    Enough is enough.


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