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View Diary: I Finally Got to Talk to a Republican About Election Night (257 comments)

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  •  At a certain point, I really don't understand ... (21+ / 0-)

    ... how and why people still label themselves politically:

    It's refreshing to get a Republican perspective on this website from someone who can argue their positions rationally and is interested in having a discussion about the issues. You may be a Republican but you are the farthest thing from a troll.

    By the way, it's unsurprising that you've found yourself voting for Democrats for the forseeable future. I'm very conservative in my personal life as well (but not politically) and the Dems actually practice what they preach.

    If a Republican votes for Democrats for the foreseeable future, he is really essentially a Democrat, isn't he?

    Also, I don't understand how someone's personal life can be separate from their politics.

    I say with with much admiration for you and the diarist, because it is clear you both have much integrity and clear values ... but comments like the above really start to baffle me.  I'm sure you could both provide explanations that you've arrived at, but it again brings forward for me the position that I've had to arrive at:

    I always say I have no loyalty whatsoever to any political party or label ("conservative" vs "liberal").  

    Rather my loyalty is to a set of values:  responsibility (personal, financial, etc.);  compassion and concern for others;  integrity;  honesty;  humility;  open-mindedness;  valuing knowledge, science, education;  contentedness with small things and not greedy ...  etc.  

    I will support anyone who supports those values, regardless of whatever labels they put to themselves.  Unfortunately, I don't see any current Republicans supporting any of those values.  To my disgust, I see the whole party has turned to actively supporting the opposites.

    I see Democrats supporting them much more -- although still sadly lacking in many ways as a whole -- with a handful of heroes who meet them right down the line.

    I would guess that despite the fact the diarist calls himself a Republican, and you call yourself conservative personally, in general we  would all very much agree on those values -- and that's what's really important.

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