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View Diary: I Finally Got to Talk to a Republican About Election Night (257 comments)

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  •  i have to be honest here, if your (1+ / 0-)
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    white blitz

    business associate, "Bob", is so stupid, as to have been that easily swayed into ignoring actual facts on the ground, i have to question just how good a business person he is.  the business people i deal with, right here in va also, weren't taken in by FOX, or limbaugh, etc., they just aren't that stupid. they may have been unhappy about it, but most of them didn't think all that much of romney as the party candidate to begin with. after the first debate, their hopes definitely increased, after the last two debates, most of them expected either a close contest, or an obama win.

    most successful business people pay little attention to FOX & company, as they recognize it for what it is, propaganda for the GOP, not real news. if they didn't, they wouldn't be particularly successful.

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