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  •  All 9 words used in a single conversation! (10+ / 0-)

    Forgive me! All these great words inspired me to write a little dialogue. Here goes:

    The Countess Alexandra, sipping tea and mulling over her Mulibrity, found her thoughts interrupted by Aposiopesis. A loud crash had just issued from the kitchen. "It's that Slubberdegullion of a husband of mine," she said. "Or make that two husbands, each more Ugsome than the other. Polyandry isn't all it's cracked up to be." Then, speaking aloud, she said, "What's going on in there, Lord Charles?"

    The elder and clumsier of her two husbands replied, "It's this dang Arachibutryrophobia of mine. Every time I try to open a jar of peanut butter, I get so nervous I drop it on the floor. Then there's nothing but sound and fury."

    "There you go with those Hendiadys of yours, again!" snorted the countess. "Can't you be more concise?"

    "Well, my dear, if you want concise, then Fine! Fine! Fine! Fine! Fine! Fine! How's that for six Polysemy in just half a dozen words?"

    "If that's all you have to say to me," retorted Countess Alexandra,  "then I'm clearing out and moving in with my younger husband, Lennie the Lifeguard. What had until now been a mere Velleity has become a stern determination. Lennie may be ugsome, but not half so ugsome as you! And I'm going to be indulging in Crytoscopopilia all the way to Lennie's. I want to see how the other half lives."

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