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View Diary: Michigan GOP sneaks thru bills to limit women's access to abortion svcs during Right to Work madness (67 comments)

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  •  so, while they were pushing through RTW for (18+ / 0-)

    choice! and freedom! they were also pushing through bills to take away choice and freedom?  Yep, that sounds about right.
    It's the blatant  hypocrisy that really infuriates me the most, because if the GOP was really interested in choice, then obviously it would relate to women's helath care, but the insincerity is blinding.  Snyder said last week at the presser that "workers should be able to choose who they associate with."  I wonder, would he or any of his religious right buddies extend that same freedom of choice to me or my daughter regarding our reproductive care?  Of course not, silly rabbit, choice is for CEO's, not little women.  If these lawmakers really thought that RTW was some sort of mandate that the people would actually vote for, then prove it by putting it up for vote as a ballot initiative--let me vote my choice.   Would the religious right extend me the same choice to be free from religion as they are given to practice their religious beliefs?  No, of course not.  That kind of freedom can apparently only be expressed by hospitals this legislation will allow to deny abortion care on moral grounds.
    I object to denying women reproductive choice and reproductive health care--on moral grounds.  I object to denying people freedom FROM religion--on moral grounds.  I object to exploiting workers--on moral grounds.  I object to the GOP and everything they stand for--on moral grounds.      

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