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View Diary: Why Aren't We Talking About EXPANDING Social Security and Medicare? (273 comments)

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    It's like when every-thing was on the table---except single payer, which had to be wrestled out of the room because it  apparently wasn't a thing (tell that to every other industrialized democracy).

    If Democrats continue to talk as if the only

    options on the table are to cut a little or cut a lot. . . .
    If they refuse to recognize that
    [n]ot only are those not the only options, those aren't even rational options under the circumstances, and Nobel laureate economists have lined up miles deep to tell us so. . .
    then it is crystal clear that they do not represent us--any of them, and it is outrageous of us to continue to give so duplicitous a group of self-interested politicians our support or our vote or even the time of day.

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