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  •  Medicare Part D (4+ / 0-)

    Why isn't fixing this ever on the table?  Everyone knows it's a huge payout to Big Pharma, thanks to Billy Tauzin who took a $2 million per year job with the pharmaceutical lobby right after leaving Congress,  but I've not heard a peep about revisiting it during any of the budget talks.

    •  Medicare Part D (3+ / 0-)
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      Here's the thing: most people don't know that it's a huge payout to Big Pharma.  It's gone absent in the news, the GOP never brings it up because they like it, and the Democrats seldom bring it up because maintaining those giveaways was the price of Big Pharma's buy-in to the Affordable Care Act.

      One post I read (I'd like but I forget where I saw it, I admit) suggested that instead of Medicare for all, we look at Medicaid for all instead because Medicaid still has the power to negotiate rates with drug companies.

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