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View Diary: We Need to Kick the Crap out of the GOP on Medicare (104 comments)

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    While Universal Healthcare, provided as a public safety service (on par with the Police and Fire Departments) is a rational and logical extension of modern civilized government, the US political process is not rational nor is it logical.

    The PRAGMATICTM course of action is to surrender to the irrational, embrace the illogical and work within the reality denying Beltway Convention. This is the only way to Get. Things. Done.; because even though reality has a well known liberal bias, the US political system has an impenetrable bullshit bias that cannot EVER be challenged. Challenging the Conventionally Accepted Bullshit is an invitation to be Thrown Under the Bus for Practicing Professional Leftism.

    Under NO circumstances can it EVER be pointed out, in ANY discourse, that relatively rational and logical policies are being successfully implemented in nations like Iceland or Denmark or Germany or any other....OTHER place.

    The US is a unique and Exceptional country, where the rational and logical formulation of national policy is simply not possible. The Pragmatic choice is to eke out minor improvements at the margins: like a Health Insurance Reform that does nothing to change the fundamental dynamic of an over-priced, privatized health care system. Instead, it makes the system universally available by levying a tax (Individual Mandate) that is paid directly to private corporations.  The fact that HIR allows the Federal Government to levy a tax which is payable directly to private corporations, is the reason why Chief Justice Roberts* voted "uncharacteristically" to uphold it.

    *The best friend that private corporations ever had on the SCOTUS.

    Pull yourself up by your Mittstraps: borrow a few million dollars from your parents!

    by xynz on Mon Dec 10, 2012 at 08:04:02 AM PST

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