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  •  No, not at all if the obstensible goal (3+ / 0-)
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    bleeding blue, Angie in WA State, Chi

    of a physician - to heal - is true:

    I hear the, "Let's pay Docs based upon the results of their medicine."  This is inherently unfair to the Physician.
    It's only unfair if the primary goal of a physician it to be a business person and suck down as many $$s into his or her pocket as possible.  Which is largely the case in this country.

    If you read the New Yorker article I link above, you will see how the Mayo Clinic is able to achieve superior health outcomes for their patients at 1/3rd the cost of the "business as usual" model of medicine generally practiced in  the USA.   Simply because they put the patient first, not their profits.

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