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  •  "hard bloody work" - let's see (4+ / 0-)

    your self-satisfied tone pissed me off enough that I made my last comment before seeing that piece of shit comment at the end.

    F U C K   the implication that hard work "earns" you your 2% status.

    FACT : if hard work made people wealthy a great many  Americans would be wealthy. People work their freaking asses off just to tread water, and here you are crowing about your "hard bloody work". With mommy and daddy so well-heeled, how the freak would you even KNOW what hard work is? I pushed wheelbarrows and mowed lawns, rakes leaves until I was 18, then went to college (and no 3 hours a day lectures - 6 hours a day, 4 hours of labs, and then 4 hours of grind doing lab-writeups, math, numerical analysis, system-design, engineering simulations. According yo your stupid comment I should be wealthy. Well I'm bloody not, m'kay? So shove your "hard bloody work"

    Hard work is people working 2 jobs while at college so they can pay. Hard work is the woman who cut my hair at the Great Clips for minimum wage (plus $10 tip I give them because minimum-wage is thievery). I'm sure you go to the $50+ hair place 'cos after all you are a 2%-er (wow, I'm impressed not). Hard work is the clearly strained (yet managing to be pleasant and smiling) guy who served me at the 24-hour grocery store late saturday night.

    Sounds to me anyway as if you're bone-idle, since people do your yard-work for you (what's the problem? soft hands? Lots of people do their own yardwork. By the way, do you pay your yardworkers directly, or you use some place that charges a premium for fat-cat grade lawn-scissors while paying the poor grunts minimum-wage?

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