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View Diary: Did you hear the joke about how the GOP isn't a Bible-thumping, bigoted party? (177 comments)

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    The first commenter (named Ba'al) to the post Kos referenced pointed out some crazy GOP examples (Bachman et al) and basically repeated the point Kos is making here. Then some moron named David, in a grand display of RW echo chamber AND false equivalence, pointed to Maxine Waters (!) and a Dem he couldn't name (Mel Reynolds) to argue that the Dems are just as batty.  So then a third guy calls out Mr. False Equivalence:

    See, David, this is how the game is played: When you immediately counter a reasonable assertion that is backed up by several examples, you’re required to come up with real examples of your own, not a doty old lady and some guy whose name escapes you. Ba’al is right, and the most important thing the GOP can do at the moment is not lob accusations back over the net, but purge its party of the grandstanders, bigots, and know-nothings that populate its mainstream. Also: Rush Limbaugh. He makes the GOP feel good, gives them a few laughs, but scares the hell out of enough Americans to ensure that the GOP is on the path to becoming a large, vocal, but electorally insignificant minority
    Actually interesting reading. The guy I quoted above (and Ba'al) will likely be excommunicated.  Regardless, I hope they stay clueless.  There's too much work to be done and if we have to, we'll do it without the cooperation of the wingnuts.  Talking them down off the ledge is just a distraction.  Let them stay there.

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