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    Black Max

    can be broken down in to two parts. First the media is controlled by those people and organizations that own the media. Second they have no responsibility to tell the truth or represent both sides of an argument fairly. The abandonment of the fairness doctrine wiped out any responsibility of fairness or accuracy. News media used to be considered a public service, something you did in exchange for your radio or TV license. But with the abandonment of the Fairness Doctrine news media is entertainment and a profit center, not a public service.

    The FCC act of 1933 established a clear difference between radio and TV and newspapers on the other hand. The airwaves were owned by the public and leased with conditions to radio and TV operators. Among these conditions was a requirement for public service. Newspapers on the other hand were privately owned and not licensed and had no expectation of public service. The Fairness Doctrine laid out some of the public services broadcasters were expected to perform.

    The Reagan administration stopped enforcing the Fairness Doctrine and the Obama administration finally took the Fairness Doctrine off the books completely. A new Fairness Doctrine would require approval from Congress.

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