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View Diary: Cold and Scared, Fearing Eviction-GOAL MET!!! (114 comments)

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  •  Much sympathy (and empathy) (6+ / 0-)
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    mayrose, Onomastic, weck, scamperdo, LSophia, Ebby

    My car is currently in the shop---thankfully, by choice and predicted, but still very much needed---and so far, the bill is almost $1000. Yikes.

    The good new is, this is a great, great mechanic.

    The bad news is, this wipes me out.

    Fortunately, my bills are all paid and I've anticipated this for a while. Still, boy, I feel like I'm only an inch behind you.

    It's frightening how close all of us are to falling headfirst into overhwelming debt. I'm glad you've gotten some help.

    •  Too many face real cliffs, DC doesn't get that (4+ / 0-)
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      indubitably, LSophia, mayrose, Ebby

      it's been too many years of companies cutting back and hurting us workers without a thought how they are pushing us over real cliffs.

      Thanks for the well wishes! May you not inch any closer to that cliff!

      I'm glad you have a great mechanic. A friend mixed my car this summer but thanks to a helpful Kossack I was able to find parts of him even cheaper.

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